A mechanochemical process to capture and separate carbon dioxide from natural gas using boron nitride nanosheets2024Srikanth Mateti, Ying (Ian) Chen, Gauthan Sathikumar, Qi Han, Shiva Prasad, Reza Ghandehari Ferdowsi and Amrito BattacharjeeMaterials Horizons Read
Low-Overpotential Rechargeable Na–CO2 Batteries Enabled by an Oxygen-Vacancy-Rich Cobalt Oxide Catalyst2024Zhi Zheng, Xiaobo Zheng, Jicheng Jiang, Qi Zhang, Peng Li, Can Li, Qinfen Gu, Li Wei, Konstantin Konstantinov, Weishen Yang, Yuan Chen, and Jiazhao WangApplied Materials & Interfaces Read
Water and Salt Concentration-Dependent Electrochemical Performance of Hydrogel Electrolytes in Zinc-Ion Batteries2024Di Zhu, Jing Li, Zhi Zheng, Songbo Ye, Yuqi Pan, Jiacheng Wu, Fangxin She, Leo Lai, Zihan Zhou, Jiaxiang Chen, Hao Li, Li Wei, Yuan ChenACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Read
Solid carbon co-products from hydrogen production by methane pyrolysis: Current understandings and recent progress2024Justin Prabowo, Leo Lai, Benjamin Chivers, Declan Burke, An Huy Dinh, Linlin Ye, Yangyang Wang, Yanqing Wang, Li Wei, Yuan ChenCarbon Read
Coupling redox flow desalination with lithium recovery from spent lithium-ion batteries2024Wei Shan, Yang Zi, Hedong Chen, Minzhang Li, Min Luo, Than Zaw Oo, Nyein Wint Lwin, Su Htike Aung, Danling Tang, Guangguo Ying, Fuming Chen, Yuan ChenWater Research Read
Prospects for practical anode-free sodium batteries2024Yujie Chen, Chao Ye, Nianji Zhang, Jiahao Liu, Huan Li, Kenneth Davey, Shi-Zhang QiaoMaterialstoday Read
Alkaline-based aqueous sodium-ion batteries for large-scale energy storage2024Han Wu, Junnan Hao, Yunling Jiang, Yiran Jiao, Jiahao Liu, Xin Xu, Kenneth Davey, Chunsheng Wang & Shi-Zhang QiaoNature Communications Read
Establishing Exceptional Durability in Ultralow-Temperature Organic-Sodium Batteries via Stabilized Multiphase Conversions2024Xin Yu, Shiying Ren, Han Wu, Huan Li, Chao Ye, Kenneth Davey, Shi-Zhang QiaoJournal of the American Chemical Society Read
A comparative study on morphology dependent performance of neodymium – graphene as an anode material in lithium-ion batteries2024Rizwan Ur Rehman Sagar, Md Mokhlesur Rahman, Qiran Cai, Tongxiang Liang, Ying (Ian) ChenJournal of Energy Storage Read

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