The ARC Research Hub for Safe and Reliable Energy was created with $5 million funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC), and further contributions from six Australian universities and ten industry partners.

Led by Alfred Deakin Professor Ying (Ian) Chen, the SafeREnergy Research Hub aims to address safety and reliability issues, and environmental impact of current energy storage and conversion technologies.

The Hub will deliver a new generation of technologies for storage from small-scale portable devices to large scale industrial applications, using recycled and natural materials, and eliminating the serious fire risk in current technologies. Outcomes include innovative integrated energy conversion and storage technologies and new energy materials and devices designed for different scale applications, benefiting the Australian economy, and potentially transforming the energy industry landscape.

Our partners

Research within the SafeREnergy Hub is divided into three Themes

Materials for Sustainable Energy Storage

The Hub will explore new sustainable electrode materials from natural and mineral materials.

Technologies for Safe and Reliable Energy Storage

Identifying the safety issues surrounding current lithium-ion batteries have been extensively reported.

Devices for New Energy Storage and Conversion Applications

The development of novel devices and solutions, for new and improved storage and conversion technologies.

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